Sets In The City // 120
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Ali talks about performing in New York at Radio City Music Hall with St. Vincent, seeing her name on the marquee, almost dying from a manhole, questions hotel housekeeping integrity, and eats ice cream to prepare for her period.    SEE WHERE IM PERFORMING Produced & Edited by Giorgio Gregoris:  Design & Animations by Tom Bosko:​ Resting Bitch Couch Illustration by Alec MacDonald:
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Ali has her friend, Andrew Collin, on the podcast to talk about their food preferences and disgusts, PLUS exclusive patreon stories, as well as foot in the mouth moments, and being on the road.   SEE WHERE IM PERFORMING: subscribe to my...
Published 12/01/21
Ali talks about St. Louis culture and cuisine, interactions with the fans who came out to see her, her toxic phone addiction, Britney Spears being back in the spotlight and why Ali hates it, and holiday plans.   SEE WHERE IM PERFORMING: subscribe to my...
Published 11/24/21
Published 11/24/21