EX Witch tells all! Incredible story you must hear! w/ Julie Lopez
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Julie Lopez was a 5th generational witch who what brought up and trained in the occult. She was able to see into the supernatural from a very young age and by her teenage years, Julie was able to astral project and cast spells. But, all of this brought her deeper and deeper into depression, until the day she gave her life over to the One True God and left satan FOREVER! Now Julie Lopez ministers in the prophetic, exposing all of satan's secrets. She teaches about the origin of witchcraft, how to discern evil spirits, the dangers of yoga, martial arts, meditation, and how to protect yourself from witch curses, as well as generational curses.  Julie Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQCR4JhU3iRPucOomN_Kg0Q www.Isaiahsaldivar.com "This demon showed up when I was young and he was SINGING IN TONGUES!" - Julie Lopez Guest on podcast: Julie Lopez www.Isaiahsaldivar.com www.Instagram.com/Isaiahsaldivar www.Facebook.com/Isaiahsaldivar www.youtube.com/Isaiahsaldivar To sow  www.Isaiahsaldivar.com/partner 
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I will be answering ANY questions that you might have LIVE and then ranking bible characters! It will be a fun time!  www.Isaiahsaldivar.com www.Instagram.com/Isaiahsaldivar www.Facebook.com/Isaiahsaldivar www.youtube.com/Isaiahsaldivar  To sow  www.Isaiahsaldivar.com/partner
Published 02/01/23
Isaiah Saldivar and Vlad Savchuk are going to be discussing his latest book and discussing the important elements of fasting. Some of the things covered in this video and more detail in Vlad's latest book fast forward  -Identify what biblical fasting is  -Learn practical steps to begin...
Published 02/01/23