Everything you NEED to know about casting out demons with Rikhard Hartikainen
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Discussing EVERYTHING, you need to know about casting out demons! Isaiah Saldivar and Rikhard Hartikainen from the deliverance podcast will be discussing everything you need to know about casting out demons.  Rikhard's channel https://www.youtube.com/c/TheDeliverancePodcast/featured  Rikhard started his spiritual journey as a youth pastor in Sweden. Still, his hunger for the supernatural led him to Africa, where he served as a disciple under Prophet T.B. Joshua of The SCOAN for nine years (2008-2017). Currently the Head of the Deliverance Department at Hungry Generation, Rikhard is passionate about deliverance and spiritual warfare. He hosts monthly zoom deliverance services called 'Digital Deliverance' and also runs a YouTube channel called The Deliverance Podcast. Having witnessed tens of thousands of deliverances and personally experienced thousands, he believes that the age of miracles has not yet passed and that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever!  LINKS TO ALL GUESTS  Isaiah Saldivar @Isaiah Saldivar Facebook- https://www.Facebook.com/Isaiahsaldivar Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/isaiahsaldivar  www.Isaiahsaldivar.com SHOW NOTES  "It was YEARS! Before I realized I needed deliverance!" - Rikhard Hartikainen Guests on podcast: Rikhard Hartikainen www.Isaiahsaldivar.com www.Instagram.com/Isaiahsaldivar www.Facebook.com/Isaiahsaldivar www.youtube.com/Isaiahsaldivar To sow  www.Isaiahsaldivar.com/partner
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