Rich Dad Latino: How to Win in 2021
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The Rich Dad Company's mission is "To enhance the financial well-being of mankind." Today’s guest is facilitating this mission by serving as the bridge between The Rich Dad Company and Latin America.  Fernando González, the founder of Rich Dad Latino, says “We Latinos are hardworking people without financial education. We never learned how to build assets.” So twenty years ago, Fernando made it his mission to help deliver Rich Dad lessons to Cashflow® Clubs, classes, events, and workshops in Spanish-speaking countries across the globe.  He joins us to discuss an exciting 3-day event happening on December 8,9,10 where Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and their advisors, as well as five top influencers of entrepreneurship, will reveal their secrets and strategies for achieving financial freedom.  Listen as hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and Fernando Gonzalez discuss the importance of financial education in the Latin communities.  Rich Dad Latino: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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