Holy Ridiculous Crimes, Batman!
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The Caped Crusader fights crime, but what happens when he IS crime? Stolen movie scripts, missing toys, and the mother of all Bat memorabilia. Tune in! Same crime time, same crime channel! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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The name Milli Vanilli is now synonmous with a hoax –– but at one time, their heavily-accented pop stardom fooled the whole world. That is, until the truth won out, and when it did it wrecked their money-making illusion. But who were Milli Vanilli, which one was Milli and which one was Vanilli,...
Published 09/26/23
Published 09/21/23
Crazy Eddie had a slew of stores selling cheap electronics, touted by infectious advertising. Like the universe itself, the Crazy Eddie empire expanded exponentially. Money flowed, celebrities orbited, good times rolled. But then, like a capitalist black hole, it all imploded. So long, Crazy...
Published 09/21/23