Alice Zeimann: The New Zealand ’mid-major’ seeking to prove herself
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This episode of SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball with Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter, is an absolute treat, featuring Alice Zeimann, the blocking half of the top pair in New Zealand. If you haven’t heard of Zeimann and her partner, Shaunna Polley, you will soon. They are currently the No. 31-ranked team in the world, with a win over Kristen Nuss and Taryn Kloth in last fall’s Torquay Elite16. An injury to Polley has limited their competition this season, but when they return, rest assured, they’ll be competitive, and are Mewhirter’s personal dark horse to qualify for the Paris Olympic Games. We chatted – in that lovely New Zealand accent! – about all manner of topics, including: How Zeimann was recruited by Hugh McCutcheon to play at Minnesota…and then by another Kiwi, Jason Lochhead, at Florida State The wild life of packing your bag and leaving home for almost the entire year, traveling on the Beach Pro Tour The imposter syndrome that comes with being trailblazers in a country without a long history of success in beach volleyball Why a routine is the most important thing to keep you tethered to reality when traveling from country to country, time zone to time zone And, as you can see from the length of this episode, so much more. What a delight it was to have Alice on the show. We think you’ll enjoy! SHOOTS! *** Travis Mewhirter and Kent Steffes just published a seminal work on the history of beach volleyball in their new book, Kings of Summer: The Rise of Beach Volleyball. Check it out on Amazon!! We are FIRED UP to announce that we've signed on for another year with Athletic Greens! Stay healthy with Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter and get your greens today! We now have SANDCAST MERCHANDISE!! Rock the gear of your favorite podcast today! If you want to receive our SANDCAST weekly newsletter, the Beach Volleyball Digest, which dishes all the biggest news in beach volleyball in one quick newsletter, head over to our website and subscribe! We'd love to have ya! This episode, as always, is brought to you by Wilson Volleyball, makers of the absolute best balls in the game, hands down. You can get a 20-percent discount using our code, SANDCAST-20! Check out our book, Volleyball for Milkshakes, written by SANDCAST hosts Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter: SHOOTS!  
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