IS UKRAINE ABOUT TO FALL? WILL ZELENKSY BE REPLACED? with Stephen Bryen (defense expert) - #688
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While the West is committed to deposing Putin, regime change may happen in Ukraine first. Zelensky staked his reputation on Avdiivka, but outgunned and outnumbered, Ukrainian troops were forced out by Russia after a costly four-month battle. Defense expert Stephen Bryen joins Savage to analyze this crucial new phase of the war in Ukraine. This month, Zelensky replaced Gen. Valery Zaluzhny with Oleksandr Syrsky to be Ukraine's next military chief in a risky leadership shake-up that is likely to be unpopular with troops. As the stakes rise, Zelensky has now turned on his fiercest fighters, targeting those not loyal to his leadership. How would the Ukrainian opposition oust Zelensky? Who might replace him? Why is this more than just a territorial war? How can Ukraine survive the loss of life? Why Biden does not want to make concessions to Russia in 2024. What are the origins of Nazi sentiments in Ukraine and Putin's calls to "denazify" Ukraine? Bryen and Savage unravel the Western propaganda and give the unvarnished truth about the War in Ukraine. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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