Bible Contradictions
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The Bible seems to contradicts itself for a few reasons 1.    You are interpreting it from a physical sense, not from a spiritual sense 2.    The Bible is written from the perspective of many people that followed Jesus 3.    The sins of others were not hidden, they were portrayed to show us why we needed saving in the first place 4.    In your heart you may have accepted Jesus as the messiah, your saviour, the one who came to Let us know if you can relate to this topic & Drop a few topics in the comment section. nothing is off limits ! LETS GO 🤞🏾 SUBSCRIBE ➡️ WATCH MORE ➡️ 🆕 Episodes Every Wednesday/Sunday @3 PM EST FOLLOW US !!! INSTAGRAM: / savednsuch  TIK TOK:  / savednsuch5  SPOTIFY: APPLE PODCAST: Want to give financially to SavednSuch? CASH APP:$SavedSuch Ashley T Lee PodcastAshley T. Lee Podcast will cover many life issues such as overcoming stress, anxiety...Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Support the Show.
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Send us a Text Message.You Know How you heard things like " We Serve an on Time God!" In this story we seen a man paralyzed with basically all hope lost after waiting for so long for a miraculous healing to take faith and everyone left him but Jesus came and healed a man who had been waiting on...
Published 05/22/24
Published 05/22/24
Send us a Text Message.Let us know if you can relate to this topic & Drop a few topics in the comment section.nothing is off limits ! LETS GO 🤞🏾SUBSCRIBE ➡️ MORE ➡️🆕 Episodes Every Wednesday/Sunday @3 PM...
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