Jeremy R. Hammond on How Israel Propped Up Hamas
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In this episode, Scott brings Jeremy R. Hammond on to dig deep into the multi-decade Israeli strategy to prop up Hamas in the Gaza Strip in order to thwart the formation of a Palestinian state. Scott and Hammond go through the history and discuss how these revelations destroy the case for what Israel is currently doing to Gaza. Discussed on the show: “How Israel Supported Hamas Against the PLO” (Libertarian Institute) Obstacle to Peace by Jeremy R. Hammond Devil's Game by Robert Dreyfuss “‘Buying Quiet’: Inside the Israeli Plan That Propped Up Hamas” (New York Times) “The Gaza Bombshell” (Vanity Fair) “Netanyahu Implored Qataris to Continue Funding Hamas in 2018 Letter” (Libertarian Institute) “Netanyahu’s Support for Hamas Backfired” ( Jeremy R. Hammond is an independent journalist and a Research Fellow at The Libertarian Institute whose work focuses on exposing deceitful mainstream propaganda that serves to manufacture consent for criminal government policies. He has written about a broad range of topics, including US foreign policy, economics and the role of the Federal Reserve, and public health policies. He is the author of several books, including Obstacle to Peace: The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman: Austrian vs. Keynesian Economics in the Financial Crisis, and The War on Informed Consent. Find more of his articles and sign up to receive his email newsletters at And follow him on Twitter @jeremyrhammond This episode of the Scott Horton Show is sponsored by: Roberts and Robers Brokerage Incorporated; Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom; Libertas Bella; Get Scott’s interviews before anyone else! Subscribe to the Substack. Shop Libertarian Institute merch or donate to the show through Patreon, PayPal or Bitcoin: 1DZBZNJrxUhQhEzgDh7k8JXHXRjY Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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