Alesha Dixon raps in her sleep!?
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Alesha Dixon is in the studio as she takes the Same Interview challenge. Scott shares an alarm clock hack that will change your life and has a few ideas for who might be this year’s Christmas Number 1. Plus, someone gets shushed by Her Majesty, Madonna. Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
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Scott will show you his old cassette tapes if you show him yours... what's he found in the loft now?! Natasha Bedingfield completes the Bedingfield duo on afternoons, or does she?! And she takes the 'Same Interview' challenge with questions from 20 years ago. Plus, your stories of mystery...
Published 02/23/24
Published 02/23/24
Scott finds out if his CD has made it onto Rita's Rack in The Kabin. He's been trying to get on Coronation Street for ages! Radio 2's Jo Whiley's turned all Del Boy, but did she mean to post that?! And Ella Henderson takes Scott's vocal challenge, singing her lyrics to another song. Plus, some...
Published 02/16/24