Mystery shoppers, Natasha Bedingfield and Scott's got his tapes out...
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Scott will show you his old cassette tapes if you show him yours... what's he found in the loft now?! Natasha Bedingfield completes the Bedingfield duo on afternoons, or does she?! And she takes the 'Same Interview' challenge with questions from 20 years ago. Plus, your stories of mystery shopping and an annoying earworm goes rogue for the Music Police... DCI Mills is up against it with this one! Hit subscribe to get Scott’s latest podcast every Friday, or listen live weekdays 2-4pm on BBC Radio 2.
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Girls Aloud are in the studio telling Scott all about the tour, with some bonus bits you didn't hear on Radio 2! Scott's turning all bridezilla about his wedding RSVPs and meet the listener who invoiced her guests that didn't turn up. Pop star twins Marcus and Martinus are representing Sweden at...
Published 04/12/24
Published 04/12/24
Scott gets a surprise on his first day back, as Charity Shop Sue pops in to find out where he's been! Sheridan Smith plays the role of Sheridan Smith in an interview on Radio 2, to talk about the new play within a play that she's performing in. Plus, DCI Mills is back on the beat to review the...
Published 04/05/24