Darkcast Network Podcast Ethics Episode
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In this episode Dawn is joined by some members of the Darkcast Network to talk about what ethics in podcasting means to them. So, join Aurora from Burnt Marshmallows, DJ from Mythical True Crime, Regina from Disturbing Interests, Jasmine from Hands Off My Podcast and Darkcast Network Founder and host of the podcast Beyond The Rainbow to listen to this discussion. CREDITS: darkcastnetwork.com
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Trigger Warning – This episode covers the topic of child murders. In Scotland, from 2016 to 2021, females accounted for 9% of homicide accusations. In this episode we tell you about two women, who, in different times and for very different reasons, harmed and murdered very young children; Jean...
Published 04/01/24
Published 04/01/24
In April 1981, 74-year-old Eliza Connelly was found dead in her home in a quiet residential area in Broughty Ferry in Dundee. She had 12 wounds to her head, two on her hands, fractured ribs, and blood was found everywhere from the floor to the ceiling. The initial assumption was murder, but with...
Published 03/19/24