Eliza Connolly
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In April 1981, 74-year-old Eliza Connelly was found dead in her home in a quiet residential area in Broughty Ferry in Dundee. She had 12 wounds to her head, two on her hands, fractured ribs, and blood was found everywhere from the floor to the ceiling. The initial assumption was murder, but with no evidence or witnesses, an accidental death theory was posed. Promo by Hands of my Podcast SOURCES: Please see our website for all source material and photos at https://scottishmurders.com/episodes/elizaconnolly SHOW: Support Us: ko-fi.com/scottishmurders Patreon - patreon.com/scottishmurders Merch - teepublic.com/user/scottishmurders Website - scottishmurders.com Twitter - @scottishmurders Instagram - @scottishmurderspodcast Facebook - facebook.com/scottishmurdurs YouTube - @ScottishMurders Linktree - linktr.ee/scottishmurders CREDITS: Scottish Murders is a production of https://www.cluarantonn.com/ Hosted by Dawn Young Researched and Written by Dawn Young Edited and Produced by Erin Ferguson - instagram.com/erinfergus0n/ Production Company Name by Granny Robertson MUSIC: Dawn of the Fairies by Derek & Brandon Fiechter
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