Class of '76 - Part Nine
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Content Warnings: N/A Transcript Patrons Brian, Freyjon, Shalom Pizza Boy, Allen White, Caleb Razvillas, Xander Brown, Kyle Allred, Namesarehard, Christopher Estrada, Aidan Miel, Nanners, Catlin Slinker, and Charles Smith! Cast & Crew SCP Archives was created by Pacific S. Obadiah & Jon Grilz Class of 76 was written by F. Cole Serrano This episode featured the song "Infinite Waters" by The Blasting Company Lee Hillerman - Brian David Gilbert Cindy Stephens - Madeleine Moore Ren Kubo - Krandon Nguyen Al Perez - Jimmy Ferrer Elm Stevens - Graham Rowat Thaddeus Cooper - Damon Alums Deputy West - Chuddnelus Deputy Andrews - Anver Magmud Jack Harper - Jon Grilz Stein - Vic Collins Hauschka - Scott Paladin Dr. Ash Calder - Chris Young Eldon - Atticus Jackson Rowan - Nate DuFort Aspen Daniels - Dustin Parsons Dialogue Editor - Daisy McNamara Music by Matt Roi Berger Sound Design - Dana Creaseman Showrunner - Daisy McNamara Producer - Pacific S. Obadiah Executive Producers - Tom Owen & Brad Miska Presented by Bloody FM Patreon: Twitter: Facebook: Discord: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 04/11/24
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