Search for Meaning with Ambassador Gary Grappo
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Former U.S. Ambassador to Oman, Gary Grappo, met Rabbi Yoshi and Jacqueline through a mutual friend when Grappo was serving as Chief of Staff of the Quartet in Jerusalem  in 2010. Gary and his wife, Becky, soon became friends with Yoshi and Jacqueline. Over the years, Ambassador Grappo, a career diplomat with four decades of experience in the Middle East, has visited Stephen Wise Temple multiple times to share his insights on the Iran Deal, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and now this most recent war between Hamas and Israel. In this episode, Ambassador Grappo shares his experience and insights with Rabbi Yoshi  concerning Hamas; the “Administration of Savagery” terrorist playbook; the roles of Qatar, Russia, and the wider Arab world; “proportionality”; and which news sources to trust (and not).
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