The Untold Story of Browser Risks: Pioneering Enterprise Browser Security with Or Eshed
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In this episode, Host Ron Eddings and guest Or Eshed, CEO of Layer X, discuss how changes in IT infrastructure, employee behavior and malicious tech have created an era where browser security is a must. Or details how he is spearheading a movement to reposition browsers as our first line of defense. Impactful Moments: 00:00 - Welcome 02:50 - Introducing guest, Or Eshed 05:27 - The Crime Scene: Where Employees Are 07:20 - Educating Users with a Browser Extension 10:13 - The Enablement Game 13:10 - How Malicious Browser Extensions Work 16:07 - From our Sponsor, Layer X 17:33 - Better Than EDR- Know Who Is Doing What 22:53 - Stop Account Takeovers- Stealthily 27:55 - Predictions & GPT Use Case 33:16 - One Step Better… Links: Connect with our guest : Check out Layer X: Join our creative mastermind and stand out as a cybersecurity professional: Become a sponsor of the show to amplify your brand: Love Hacker Valley Studio? Pick up some swag: Continue the conversation by joining our Discord:
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