Andrew Forgie's Path From Apache Mechanic to Cybersecurity Sales Leader and Mastering Cyber Sales
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In this episode, Andrew Forgie takes us on his journey from his early days as an Apache helicopter mechanic in the military to his current role as a regional sales manager in cybersecurity.  Andrew shares his trials and challenges, the significant shift from being in a service role to mastering the art of sales in the highly competitive tech industry. His story illustrates the power of adapting to change and the critical role of personal development in achieving professional success. 00:00 - Introduction00:42 - Introduction to the episode and guest Andrew Forgie, regional sales manager at RMS.01:29 - Andrew discusses his transition from the military to cybersecurity sales.02:43 - Insight into Andrew's early struggles and successes in sales.04:13 - How "Selling for Dummies" transformed Andrew's approach to sales.06:02 - The importance of attitude and creating a buying environment in sales.08:09 - Andrew shares his life vision exercise and its impact on his career.12:09 - Discussion on the value of relationships in cybersecurity sales.24:19 - Advice for those looking to enter or excel in cybersecurity sales. Links:Connect with our guest Andrew Forgie: our creative mastermind and stand out as a cybersecurity professional: a sponsor of the show to amplify your brand: Hacker Valley Studio? Pick up some swag:https://store.hackervalley.comContinue the conversation by joining our Discord:
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