Securing Your SaaS and Cyber Influencer Networking with CRO Bob Horn
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Ron Eddings sits down with Bob Horn, Chief Revenue Officer at Valence Security. Their conversation centers around the world of SaaS security, examining the current landscape and challenges in managing SaaS risks. Bob also shares experiences from his 25-year career in sales, focusing on the importance of storytelling in sales and innovative approaches of marketing through leveraging cybersecurity influencers. Impactful Moments: 00:00 - Welcome 00:44 - Introducing guest, Bob Horn 03:36 - Sales & Storytelling in Cybersecurity 07:13 - Current State of SaaS 09:28 - From our Sponsor, Valence Security 10:29 - More SaaS, More Problems 13:52 - Great Security Improves Your Team 17:01 - Consequence of Being Attacked 19:10 - Influencer & In-Person Marketing 25:55 - The Future of SaaS 28:01 - One Step Better…   Links: Check out Valence Security: Connect with our guest, Bob Horn: Join us LIVE with Shlomi Matachin on Tuesday, April 16th at 12p ET / 9a PT: Join our creative mastermind and stand out as a cybersecurity professional: Become a sponsor of the show to amplify your brand: Love Hacker Valley Studio? Pick up some swag: Continue the conversation by joining our Discord:
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