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Well, I think I've held up pretty well so far on the show - it's not easy to leave me speechless, but this week's guest cracked me. I'm always so impressed and inspired by everyone's self-awareness, reflection and honesty, but Jake Edwards is just on another level. IMPORTANT NOTE - This is a little heavier than usual and we do touch on suicide in the context of Jake's incredibly inspiring recovery. A conversation about yay in any depth has to acknowledge how severe the challenges can be for some among us. You've likely realised I'm an advocate for open albeit difficult conversations around mental health to help us normalise it and continue to spread awareness about the support available, helpful strategies and how you can absolutely still find your yay (Jake's story being the perfect example). I always marvel at the timing of the universe and it's perfect that this one worked out just when we're all facing challenges to our routine and structure so probably need it most. I usually do a more detailed intro, but I think Jake tells his story so well, especially with the added layer of later reflection with hindsight, a lot of work and brutal honesty with himself. For some quick context, he followed his father, grandfather and great grandfather into the AFL but faced a mental health spiral after being delisted and losing the only identity he'd ever cultivated for himself. You'll hear about the depths of rock bottom that he hit but has since built himself back up from to found Outside the Locker Room, his incredible charity providing critical mental health education and welfare support to community sporting clubs across Australia. He's also co-founded Speak Clothing that you'll hear about in the show. It's no surprise to me that he is an Australian Mental Health Prize Nominee in recognition of his amazing work. I've known Jake for years and am as moved now as I was the first time I heard this - his is a truly incredible story that I hope you gain as much from as I did. PLEASE REACH OUT IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING: Lifeline 13 11 14 Beyondblue OTLR + Follow Jake here + Announcements on Insta at @spoonful_of_sarah + Join our Facebook community here + Subscribe to not miss out on the next instalment of YAY!
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