Tuesday 20th February 2024. World News. Today: France Eiffel Tower closed. EC von der Leyen. Britain Rwanda plan. Nigeria fuel strikes. Nige
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World News in 7 minutes. Tuesday 20th February 2024. Today: France Eiffel Tower closed. EC von der Leyen. Britain Rwanda plan. Nigeria fuel strikes. Niger new ministers. Tunisia Ghannouchi fast. Libya UN incident. Pakistan coalition. Afghanistan UN meeting. Chistmas Island late migration. Haiti family deaths. Mexico border shootout. US Trump sneakers. US cicada phenomenon. With Juliet Martin If you enjoy the podcast please help to support us at send7.org/support Supporters can read the transcripts at send7.org/transcripts Supporters can try our weekly news quiz at send7.org/quiz Contact us at [email protected] or send an audio message at speakpipe.com/send7 Please leave a rating on Apple podcasts or Spotify. SEND7 (Simple English News Daily in 7 minutes) tells the most important world news stories in intermediate English. Every day, listen to the most important stories from every part of the world in slow, clear English. Whether you are an intermediate learner trying to improve your advanced, technical and business English, or if you are a native speaker who just wants to hear a summary of world news as fast as possible, join Stephen Devincenzi, Ben Mallett and Juliet Martin every morning. Transcripts can be found at send7.org/transcripts. Simple English News Daily is the perfect way to start your day, by practising your listening skills and understanding complicated stories in a simple way. It is also highly valuable for IELTS and TOEFL students. Students, teachers, and people with English as a second language, tell us that they listen to SEND7 because they can learn English through hard topics, but simple grammar. We believe that the best way to improve your spoken English is to immerse yourself in real-life content, such as what our podcast provides. SEND7 covers all news including politics, business, natural events and human rights. Whether it is happening in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas or Oceania, you will hear it on SEND7, and you will understand it. For more information visit send7.org/contact
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