UK music revenues are back to their CD peak (sort of)
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On this week's show we discuss the news that UK music retail revenues are back to where they were at the peak of the CD era in 2001. So long as you imagine that no time has passed in between. Plus, the brewing legal battle of Kanye West’s “shameless” interpolation of a Donna Summer track. SECTION TIMES 01: UK music revenues (00:06:47) 02: News in brief (00:15:20) 03: Kanye West (00:20:38) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • UK music retail revenues reach record high, according to ERA stats • Donna Summer estate sues Kanye West over “shameless” uncleared sample NEWS IN BRIEF • €111 million in TikTok revenue is nothing when you’re Lucian Grainge - but, he says, “my phone is always open” if Shou Zi Chew wants to be friends again • Warner boss teases superfan app that will be "a cross-platform solution" • Spotify vs Apple name-calling kicks off again after EU mega-fine rumours • UK Music again calls for VAT cut on tickets ahead of budget statement • And Finally! Ed Sheeran has let British music down, and now everyone only likes K-pop • Miley Cyrus tops IFPI singles list • Seventeen top IFPI albums list ALSO MENTIONED • Trademark dispute over Earth, Wind & Fire tribute shows back in court
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