“Spotify is not a business partner”, says NMPA boss
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On this week's show we discuss the battle between the music publishers and Spotify as it ramps up another gear, Sony Music's lawsuit accusing the Marriott hotel chain of “rampant” copyright infringement, and more. SECTION TIMES 01: Spotify (00:04:39) 02: News in brief (00:22:15) 03: Sony Music (00:25:13) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • Spotify’s conduct proves US compulsory licence isn’t working, says NMPA boss • Sony sues Marriott over social media posts NEWS IN BRIEF • Leadmill eviction battle in court • Live industry welcomes ticket tout prison sentences • TikTok wants its legal case against US “sell-or-be-banned” law fast-tracked • Scarlett Johansson accuses ChatGPT of stealing her voice ALSO MENTIONED • Live Nation monopoly is “anticompetitive” and must be broken up says DoJ lawsuit
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On this week’s show, we discuss the latest escalation in the fight over Spotify’s reclassification of its premium subscription as an audiobook and music bundle in the US, the lawsuit against Drake for putting one of his own song titles on a t-shirt, and the return of the band formerly known as...
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On this week's show we discuss the US government’s legal action against Live Nation that seeks to force it to sell off Ticketmaster, ticket touts’ plans to fight the Labour Party’s proposed 10% price cap on the resale of tickets, and more. SECTION TIMES 01: Live Nation (00:06:40) 02: News in...
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On this week's show we discuss the battle between music publishers and Spotify over its plans to reclassify its subscriptions as bundles of music, audiobooks and podcasts, and commercial media companies hit out at the BBC’s plan to sell advertising on its podcasts. SECTION TIMES 01: Spotify...
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