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Blythe and Kesley Howard are sisters and founders of The Chemo Queens. The Chemo Queens is dedicated to empowering and supporting those with cancer by providing the tools, resources, and community you need to navigate this journey with grit & glamour. In 2021, at the age of 37 Kesley received a diagnosis of Triple Negative Breast Cancer. On Jan 12th, 2022, after 20 rounds of chemo, Kesley rang the bell to celebrate her last and final treatment. Throughout the nine months of her cancer journey, she bravely shared her story. Kelsey is a trailblazer lighting the way for others. While Kesley’s journey with cancer was ending, Blythe’s was just beginning. Blythe was diagnosed with stage II Ovarian Cancer in early December 2022. Blythe had a very successful open abdominal surgery and was out of the hospital in two and a half days. She focused on healing while simultaneously working multiple jobs.  Blythe is an actress who has been seen on multiple recurring guest star roles, and over 60 national SAG- AFTRA television commercials. She finished treatment and rang the bell on June 27th, 2023.    In this episode, we delve into the emotional impact cancer has on us. How our mind and our mental state are key to our healing. How crucial it is to go into this with the best people around us because negative energy affects our healing. We talk about the strength, the superpower that comes from going through cancer, and how life does not end with this diagnosis. That cancer and chemo do not define you. We discuss how important it is to speak up and advocate for ourselves, to no longer dim our light to make others feel comfortable. To keep living and giving ourselves grace.   We delve into cold capping and how Blythe was able to save 90 percent of her hair with this treatment. She would sit under a cap filled with 5 pounds of ice on top of her head for six hours straight. Throughout the treatment, she kept thinking there must be a better and more affordable way to do this, which has now become part of the mission of the Chemo Queens.   The Chemo Queens are all about uplifting and empowering you. They are committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by cancer and its subsequent treatment. Their mission is to ensure that you never face this journey alone and that you have all the resources and support you need to emerge stronger, sexier, and more uplifted. You can find The Chemo Queens at @thechemoqueens. You can find Amy at @amymarcs. You can find the show at @sexafterpodcast. Sex After is produced by @thechrisderosa. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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