Make Dog Training Easy! Quick Guide To Antecedent Arrangements #245
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Visit us at    Recently, a professional dog trainer told me her favorite Shaped by Dog episode is 16, where I explain the simple concept of “antecedent arrangements” as one of the most effective, animal behavior science solutions to ANY dog training problem. Although it’s an all-time favorite of my students and dog training professionals, it’s a hidden gem to the general public. So, I’m revisiting the topic of how to increase brilliant dog behavior – while decreasing undesired ones – with one easy focus shift. As my mentor, Bob Bailey, says, “When dog training is right, it’s easy.” Enjoy this game changer!   In this episode you’ll hear:   • How to increase desired dog behaviors while reducing unwanted ones. • The ABC’s of learned behaviors in the animal kingdom. • What some dog owners and trainers focus on to fix behaviors. • Why “get a bigger meatball” and punishment don’t work in dog training. • That knowing “the thing before the thing” is your dog training salvation. • What “antecedent arrangements” are in triggering behavior. • The stimuli that make a behavior desirable for dogs. • Why lure training makes dog behavior a negotiation rather than a desire. • What sensory stimuli get attached to behavior triggers. • The importance of training in different environments at different times. • Why varying your dog’s daily routine is ideal. • How past experiences influence a dog’s emotional state. • About your dog’s motivations and distractions. • An example of how to stop counter surfing. • How “ItsYerChoice” teaches dogs to choose the right behavior. • About incompatible behaviors. • What “Hot Zones” are and how they help your dog choose wisely. • When dog training is right, it’s easy.   Learn To Play ItsYerChoice - Get Crate Games Online -   Resources:   1. Podcast Episode 37: Dog Training as a Career - 2. Podcast Episode 16: The Thing Before Your Dog’s Thing - 3. Podcast Episode 68: 3 Easy Tricks Every Dog Should Know - 4. Podcast Episode 33: How Do I Stop My Dog Counter Surfing?! - 5. Podcast Episode 202: Getting A Happy Well Behaved Dog With The ABCs Of Training - 6. Podcast Episode 205: The Hidden World Of Reinforcement For Dogs And Why You Need To Know - 7. Podcast Episode 59: Why Your Treats Aren’t Working for Your Dog - 8. Podcast Episode 121: How To Stop Dogs Jumping Up On People - 9. YouTube Short: 19 Week Old Prophet’s Selfie Trick - 10. Podcast Episode 48: Potty Train Your Puppy in a Week (Easy 3 Step Process) - 11. YouTube Playlist: The Emotional State of Dogs with Susan Garrett - 12. Podcast Episode 144: Teach Your Dog To Listen No Matter What… Even If You Think They Are Stubborn -  13. Blog Post: Built In Dog Crates For Home Decor - 14. Watch this Episode of Shaped by Dog on YouTube -
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