Use These Simple Shaping Hacks To Expedite Your Dog Training #259
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Visit us at   Are you ready to take your dog training to the next level? Whether you're just starting, have been at it a while, or are an experienced dog trainer, I've got hacks to fast track success and take you and your dog to a completely different level of understanding. I'm diving into shaping behavior and why it's the key to unlocking rapid learning for you and your dog. Shaping is not a training method but how all animals learn, and I've got simple yet powerful tips for shaping success, plus you’ll learn how to start training the paws up trick.   In this episode you’ll hear:   • The power of shaping in dog training, regardless of skill level. • My journey from using lures to exclusively shaping with my dog Buzz. • Differentiating between "navel gazing" shaping and linear shaping vs. outside-the-box shaping. • My recent experiment with luring and targeting with my puppy Prophet. • The importance of shaping in bringing understanding to dogs. • Reasons why many trainers still prefer luring over shaping. • Why shaping is a natural learning process for all animals, not just dogs. • The game Tater plays when my dogs are chewing bones. • Understanding the ABCs of shaping: antecedent, behavior, consequence. • Importance of reinforcement hierarchy and classical conditioning in shaping. • Why we need to split behaviors into smaller pieces for effective shaping. • How to shape dogs to do the Paws Up trick. • How creating antecedent arrangements guides the dog's behavior. • The cheat code for successful shaping sessions. • About DASH: Desire, Accuracy, Speed, Habitat. • Creating success with a plan and lighthearted approach.   Shaping and Reinforcement • Podcast Episode 5: What is Shaping And How Can Dogs Shape Us - • YouTube Playlist: Reinforcement, Permissions and Transfer of Value in Dog Training with Susan Garrett -   Learn How To Play ItsYerChoice: ItsYerChoice Summit - Get Crate Games Online: Crate Games Online -   Resources:   1. Podcast Episode 243: Training My New Puppy, What He Knows So Far: Susan Garrett’s Plan And Puppy Schedule - 2. YouTube Playlist: Target Training for Dogs with Susan Garrett - 3. Podcast Episode 175: Food Luring VS Shaping In Dog Training: How Science Changed How I Teach Dogs - 4. YouTube Playlist: The Heart/Mind Connection Side of Dog Training with Susan Garrett - 5. Podcast Episode 202: Getting A Happy Well Behaved Dog With The ABCs Of Training - 6. Podcast Episode 245: Make Dog Training Easy! Quick Guide To Antecedent Arrangements - 7. Podcast Episode 16: The Thing Before Your Dog’s Thing - 8. Podcast Episode 78: How to Train a Rescue Dog with Behavior Problems - 9. Podcast Episode 247: Redefining Expertise In Dog Training And What Counts More Than Years Of Experience - 10. Podcast Episode 205: The Hidden World Of Reinforcement For Dogs And Why You Need To Know - 11. Podcast Episode 171: Dog Training With Layered Shaping: Why Classical Conditioning Must Come First - 12. YouTube Short: Prophet Selfie Trick - 13. Podcast Episode 69: Clicker Training: Will It Work For Every Dog? - 14. YouTube Video: Susan Garrett's Target Stick Training for
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