Common Misconceptions Around Shaping: Why You May Find Dog Training Frustrating #261
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Visit us at     Recently, I asked for your questions about using shaping in dog training, and wow, did you deliver! I’m covering misconceptions about shaping, where shaping went wrong for me in the 90s with my dogs and a wall, what you need to know about successive approximations, and how behavioral blocks set dogs up for success. Plus, I’m answering some of your most popular questions and sharing the steps so you can shape your dog to close a cupboard door.   In this episode you’ll hear:   • About shaping using successive approximations. • Where successive approximations went wrong for me with Twister, Stoni and a wall. . • How to use reinforced behaviors as building blocks for shaping. • Key tips for successful shaping sessions. • Q1: Should I be using a non-reward marker when I'm shaping? • Q2: What is a good exercise to help a dog to learn to be okay with offering responses?  • Q3: I've heard the comment, click for action and reward for position. Do you agree? • Q4: I try to shape, but my mechanics suck and my dog and I get very frustrated. So, I've heard shaping isn't for novices. Is this true? • Q5: Susan, do you cue shaping sessions? • Q6: What do you do if the dog keeps getting it wrong? • Q7: Does shaping work with all behaviors and tricks that can be taught or shaping only for specific things?  • Q8: Some things I just can't fathom how to shape. • Q9: Does this work with all breeds, even unintelligent breeds?   Learn How To Play ItsYerChoice: ItsYerChoice Summit - Get Crate Games Online: Crate Games Online -   Resources:   1. Podcast Episode 259: Use These Simple Shaping Hacks To Expedite Your Dog Training - 2. Podcast Episode: 171: Dog Training With Layered Shaping: Why Classical Conditioning Must Come First - 3. Podcast Episode 5: What is Shaping And How Can Dogs Shape Us - 4. Podcast Episode 149: Superstitious Behavior In Dog Training: Beware The Killer Bees! - 5. Podcast Episode 69: Clicker Training: Will It Work For Every Dog? - 6. Podcast Episode 131: How Would Susan Garrett Plan Your Dog Training Sessions? - 7. Podcast Episode 157: Dog Body Language: Understanding Canine Communication Signals And Emotions - 8. Podcast Episode 59: Why Your Treats Aren’t Working for Your Dog - 9. Podcast Episode 90: Premack, Dog Training and Transfer of Value - 10. Podcast Episode 226: Safe Toys For Dogs And Why To Avoid Tennis Balls And Sticks - 11. Podcast Episode 94: How the Best Professional Dog Trainers Use Reinforcement - 12. Podcast Episode 151: How Location Specific Reinforcement Markers Will Improve Your Dog Training! - 13. YouTube Video: Susan Garrett’s Perch Work Dog Tricks (Pivots and Spins) - 14. Podcast Episode 133: Become Your Own Dog Training Coach With This Video Strategy - 15. Podcast Episode 245: Make Dog Training Easy! Quick Guide To Antecedent Arrangements - 16. Podcast Episode 31: 5 Simple Hacks to Help Your Dog Learn Faster (Reinforcement Process) - 17. Podcast Episode 12: When Helping Your Dog is an Illusion - 18. YouTube Playlist: Target Training For Dogs with Susan Garrett - 19. Podcast Episode 251: Should We All Stop Using Non-Reward Markers In Dog Training? - https://
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