Why Do Some Dogs Seem To Have Less Food Drive Than Others - 10 Reasons To Consider #269
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Visit us at shapedbydog.com    How can I train my dog if they're not interested in food? That's a question I'm often asked, and before we get to the how, we need to look at the why! A dog not really wanting to take food is something I've experienced from time to time. I'm covering the top ten reasons why a dog might have low food drive and not be motivated by training treats as a reinforcer.    In this episode you’ll hear:   • About my experiences with dogs not interested in food. • Why singleton puppies might have low food drive. • The impact of a dog’s anxiety or fear. • Why highly stimulated or over aroused dogs might not take treats. • That a dog’s disinterest in food might be a sign of pain or discomfort. • About the importance of good food hygiene for dogs. • The impact of too little activity on a dog’s food drive. • Why to consider your dog’s value for the treats you are using. • What’s important about the way you are presenting treats to your dog. • How overfeeding dogs can lead to disinterest in training treats. • A test to try, but consult with your Veterinarian first! • That food refusal can become a reinforced behavior for dogs.   Resources:   1. DogsThat YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/dogsthat 2. Podcast Episode 179: Help For Dogs Refusing Treats: Case Study With Training Plan - https://dogsthat.com/podcast/179/ 3. Podcast Episode 90: Premack, Dog Training and Transfer of Value - https://dogsthat.com/podcast/90/ 4. Podcast Episode 218: Puppy Development Stages And Your Dog’s Behavior - https://dogsthat.com/podcast/218/ 5. Podcast Episode 191: Get Your Dog To Calm Down With This Common Sense Protocol For Relaxation - https://dogsthat.com/podcast/191/ 6. Podcast Episode 203: Reactive, Unmotivated and Fearful: Finding Resiliency For This! Beyond Dog Training Part 1 - https://dogsthat.com/podcast/203/ 7. Podcast Episode 204: Dog Behavior And Diet: Recovery For This! Beyond Dog Training Part 2 - https://dogsthat.com/podcast/204/ 8. Podcast Episode 252: The Raw Feeding Guide To Training Your Dog With All Forms Of Treats - https://dogsthat.com/podcast/252/ 9. YouTube Video: 15 Ways To Exercise Your Dog - https://youtu.be/SsQY6nm6E30 10. Podcast Episode 92: Avoid This Big Mistake When Feeding Your Dog - https://dogsthat.com/podcast/92/ 11. Watch this Episode of Shaped by Dog on YouTube - https://youtu.be/binkDaVM_1c
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