Goals, Challenges And Joy: Reflections On The Canadian World Team Dog Agility Tryouts With This! #270
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Visit us at shapedbydog.com    This episode is all about my girl This! with reflections on this year's Canadian Dog Agility World Team Tryouts. You are all part of Team This! and I'm sharing my goals, challenges, and joys. These same things can relate to whatever you're going through with your own dog. Never give up. At 20 months of age This! didn't even want to wrap a cone or do a tunnel. We've come a long way, and the story continues.   In this episode you’ll hear:   • An update on my Border Collie This! and our story so far. • A debrief of our 2024 Canadian Dog Agility World Team tryouts. • The 3 goals I had for the weekend at the tryouts. • Why This!’s weave pole and dogwalk performance indicates her joy factor. • How each of our five runs together at the tryouts went. • Why we need to focus on fun and joy for any challenge with our dogs. • Reflections on reviewing our dog training processes rather than our goals. • Gratitude to everyone who tunes into Shaped by Dog for supporting Team This!   Resources:   1. Podcast Episode 206: First Dog Agility Competition: Creating Joy For This! By Maximizing Reinforcement - https://dogsthat.com/podcast/206/ 2. Podcast Episode 254: Why Your Older Puppy Or Dog Is Not House Trained And What To Do About It - https://dogsthat.com/podcast/254/ 3. YouTube Playlist: Reactive or Aggressive Dogs: Key Insights with Susan Garrett - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLphRRSxcMHy0Tbd6ZybIXgJk3mtpBLLk7 4. Podcast Episode 240: Stop Barking Dogs! Step-By-Step Action Plan And Anti-Bark Strategies To Avoid - https://dogsthat.com/podcast/240/ 5. Podcast Episode 44: Using Coincidences and Positive Associations in Dog Training - https://dogsthat.com/podcast/44/ 6. Podcast Episode 203: Reactive, Unmotivated and Fearful: Finding Resiliency For This! Beyond Dog Training Part 1 - https://dogsthat.com/podcast/203/ 7. Podcast Episode 204: Dog Behavior And Diet: Recovery For This! Beyond Dog Training Part 2 - https://dogsthat.com/podcast/204/ 8. Watch this Episode of Shaped by Dog on YouTube - https://youtu.be/QjCFXclquIg
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