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This week on the Shift and Steer podcast: • Aaron Hagar provides the details of his trip on the NAPA Valley 750 run. • The 2025 VW ID BUZZ, a retro inspired bus. • Things that you don't see on the road anymore.
Published 05/21/24
This week Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria take you through the automotive world. • Electric Vehicle charging issues. • Hertz charges refueling of a Tesla? • F1 Rain fender tests. • Citreon Push/Pull vans. • Before the Indy 500 • Aftermarket Doomesday?
Published 05/14/24
This week on Shift and Steer we discuss Sammy Hagar's Star in Hollywood, Wrecking Muscle Cars for Art, Air/Water Porsche Show, and Driving the Toyota Corolla GR.
Published 05/07/24