A conversation with Ashley McCoy of Kinship Vacations
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Episode 11 In this episode I had a meaningful conversation about nurturing family relationships through travel with Ashley Metesh McCoy of Kinship Vacations. Topics Covered: Overview of Kinship Vacations Fisher House Foundation Ashley's Military Career and Personal Travel History Expansion at Kinship Vacations London NFL Trip 2018 Ama Wine Cruise 2019 Ashley's Weekly FB Live show - Wanderlust Weekly How to reach Ashley McCoy and Kinship Vacations: https://kinshipvacations.com https://www.facebook.com/kinshipvacations Email: [email protected] Read full show notes and leave a comment on our website: simplygreatvacations.com/kinshipvacations Enjoy this episode? Leave a review on Apple Podcasts: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/simply-great-vacations-radio/id1386350672 Connect with us: www.facebook.com/simplygreatvacations twitter.com/agreatvacay www.instagram.com/simplygreatvacations/
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