SinCast - Episode 282 - Are You Going Back to Movie Theaters?
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In a WIDE ranging SinCast, the guys discuss new offerings from Netflix, a good remake of a remake, crime/romances, and rant about everything from traffic to Bruno Mars! Plus, Chris, Jeremy and Barrett talk about the return of movie theaters and how it's changed since the pandemic. Will they bounce back like before? Will certain things be different from now on? What's up with Wichita? Find out on a brand new SINCAST!!! Advertising Inquiries:
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The SinCast crew plays a WILD game of Guess the Goofs, in which they mine the IMDB for goofs and try to figure out which movie is described. Play along and let them know how you did! Also, the guys go over some recommendations, including a BEAUTIFUL rendering of LOTR, Dakota Johnson, Mila...
Published 08/02/21
You know Tim Long as a writer for some CLASSIC Simpsons episodes (including the one that Morrisey didn't appreciate), The Late Show with David Letterman, and a BUNCH of other projects. But his new project, a feature film called THE EXCHANGE, is a hilarious coming-of-age story of a teen that...
Published 07/30/21
Decorated TV director Trent O'Donnell sits down with SinCast to talk about his feature film debut, RIDE THE EAGLE, a charming and funny movie co-written and starring Jake Johnson. Trent talks about the differences between directing television and film, his multiple collaborations with Jake...
Published 07/30/21