Don't Wait For Your Life To Happen To You with Writer Shani Silver
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Shani Silver is back to discuss self-publishing her new book A Single Revolution! You can purchase her book here: The questions we answer on this episode:  It's been a while since we chatted - what's been happening in your life? I read your medium article about not getting a book deal & instead self-publishing. You open with, " Obviously it’s an ego thing. The book deal. The big advance. The status, the validity, the ability to show the world that a publisher wanted you.  And then you never get any of those things, despite years (and years) of trying." - can you talk me through the process of publishing your book A Single Revolution?What is your book about? Who would it be useful for?You write about rejection a lot - something that's common for writers - do you have any advice for people in dealing with rejection? The main message I get from your content is, "Don't wait for your life to happen." Whether that's meeting a partner or getting a book deal. Why is this message so important to you? Do you have practical tips for people that are stuck waiting for life to happen to them? I have a lot of people on Instagram asking me for writing advice, or just generally how to be more creative. I've gotten so much out of your medium articles about self-publishing and not waiting for editor's to respond to your pitches. It's one of the reasons I write on Medium now as opposed to pitching. What is your advice for people wanting to take more control of their creative pursuits?Find Shani on Instagram here:
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