New Year's Rituals (NOT Resolutions) with Bonne Chance
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My friend and life coach Bonne Chance is back again to talk about New Year's Rituals. The questions we answer on this episode:  What's the difference between setting new year's resolutions and setting an intention for the year?We did a burning ceremony in Thailand 2 years ago - can you run everyone through what we did?How can people do their own ritual ceremonies this year if they want to reset / redefine what's important to them?If people listening want to make big changes but don't know where to start, what do you recommend?Do you think post-pandemic people are looking for more meaning and purpose in their lives? Why?How would someone define their purpose? Is there an exercise they can do?How do we remove the obstacles in our lives to follow our purpose to create more meaning in our lives?You can find Bonne on Instagram here: And her website is here:
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