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Thank you everyone who sent in your questions!!  The questions we're answering on today's episode: Any solo travel tips for a 38 single mum going to Noosa for a mini vacay?How did Linda keep her identity and independence after having kids?Dealing with realisation your best friends are lovely but so not aligned (they are all married).How to deal with coupled up friends always thinking being single = doomsday Tips for gal wanting to solo travel but anxious of solo in foreign places. Conflict is real  Is it weird to go to a concert alone?How to deal with dating fatigue especially when you have been dating for yearsDon’t find someone attractive (looks), can it still work?How to shed the shame of being single in my late 30sBeing called “beautiful” without having even met. Not a question just an ick triggerHow to stop idealising a guy who seems to be “the one” but dumped me.When you worked in corporate jobs how did you have a work life balanceTrading off better career/mental health for less money and all the lost financial/super etcCan you be too young/too new to ask for a 9 day fortnight or 4 day weekHow to gain the balls to leave a 12 year career/job. I’m scared shitless
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I'm joined this week by comedian and podcaster Bianka to chat about the sexual awakening she had when she got sober 3 years ago. We also touch on ethical non-monogamy, sober dating, being lovesick, and embracing those first-date nerves.  Bianka's Instagram:...
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