Linda & The End of The World
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I recently watched the new Netflix show 'Carol & The End of The World' and wanted to do an episode on the show's main themes: life, death and finding meaning. I emailed Linda the episode plan - with the placeholder episode title "Death & Consciousness" - and it was the end of her world. She replied to my email, "Heavy!!" But here we are.  The Brian Cox videos:
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We are SORRY for the long break between episodes!! Who knows how many of you have persevered... but thank you if you're still here listening. We're back to chat about G-Banger's birthday in Daylesford, my screenwriting course, a recent LinkedIn post about 30 Under 30 lists and my ex-boyfriend's...
Published 04/13/24
Published 04/13/24
It's storytime today on the podcast. A few years ago, I decided I wanted to learn how to write. But somehow, this "hobby" turned into a side hustle and all the joy was sucked out of it. Linda also realises her only true hobby has been collecting James Dean posters and postcards... Hmm, that's...
Published 01/25/24