Look Back in Anger: Abuse Claims, Pension Strikes, Talkative Robots
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A handful of states are passing laws to help victims of child sexual abuse seek justice. We’ll explain why one new law in New Jersey could end up helping victims across the country. Meanwhile, French workers took to the streets to protest a proposed change to the pension system. We’ll connect the dots between France’s recent history of protests and how this new one is playing out. Also on today’s show: the positives and negatives of negative interest rates, and a rebooted robot returns to space.
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Published 01/17/20
Something new started today: the impeachment trial of the President of the United States. We’ll explain how a one-man media circus gave the start of the trial a run for its money. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin just watered down the powers of his own office. Or, did he? We'll break...
Published 01/16/20
The “i” word is back in the headlines after the House of Representatives sent articles of impeachment to the Senate today. Did Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to hit ‘pause’ on impeachment for almost a month pay off? We’ll dive in. Meanwhile, the US and China signed  a “phase one” trade deal...
Published 01/15/20