✨Encore✨ The Snowball That Didn't Melt ❄️
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Do you like to throw snowballs? Have you had a snowball fight recently? In this story, the boys are having a big snowball fight and decide to get a head start on the next day by creating a big pile of snowballs ahead of time. That night it snows and snows and snows, and the snowballs get buried until Spring. When Spring comes, the snowballs hear someone calling for help, but none of them are willing to go out where the sun is to find out who is calling, except Snowball number one. Snowball, number one rolls down the hill and finds out who asked for help and starts a whole new journey.
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Tonights soundtrack combines soft music and the sound of trickling water to create a quiet, dreamy world just for you. Picture yourself sitting by a little stream, listening as it whispers and the soft tones of ambient music and synth float around like fluffy clouds. We hope this helps you wind...
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