Bedtime Story: The Adventures of Winky the Willow-Whale 🐳
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Our story begins with Winky and Coralia discovering a section of their once-pristine ocean home, now clouded with pollution. This murky water affects the health of the underground city AquaLore and its inhabitants, dimming the bioluminescent Jellybrights and causing distress among the once-colourful marine life. Determined to find the cause and restore their home's beauty, Winky and Coralia embark on an adventure. They seek wisdom from Old Man Ripple, the ancient turtle, and the Seastar Sages, gaining insights into the gravity of the situation. They soon discover the source of the pollution and work to restore their underwater home's beauty.Sleep Tight!, Sheryl & Clark❤️👂📖 -- ❤️ Join Premium to get more stories and special shoutouts for the kids! Visit to learn more. 📻 Listen to our podcast on Storybutton, the device that makes it easy for kids to listen to podcasts without using a screened device. Get yours at 👉 First time listening to Sleep Tight Relax? Please subscribe and follow us on Spotify.👉 We're social! Connect on Instagram, Facebook or reach out to us via email -- About Sleep Tight Relax Prepare to drift calmly off to sleep by listening to our weekly podcast, which mixes relaxation and meditation techniques with rich bedtime stories, calming sounds of nature, and soothing music. Created for kids but safe for all ages, Sleep Tight Relax can make bedtime, quality time by helping busy minds become calm and relaxed. See for privacy information.
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