Bedtime Story: Fiona the Curious Fox
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In tonight's story, we return to the Three Rivers Forest, where we meet a young fox named Fiona. When she was young, Fiona was a little shy and liked to stay close to her cozy den. But one day, she started to wonder about the world outside. She decided to take small steps to explore the forest and meet the other animals who lived there. Fiona's curiosity led her to have adventures, make new friends, and even make everyone laugh. Sleep Tight!,Sheryl & Clark歹 -- 歹 Join Premium to get more stories and special shoutouts for the kids! Visitsleeptightpremium.comto learn more. First time listening to Sleep Tight Relax? Pleasesubscribeand follow us onSpotify. We're social! Connect onInstagram,Facebookorreach out to us via email -- About Sleep Tight Relax Prepare to drift calmly off to sleep by listening to our weekly podcast, which mixes relaxation and meditation techniques with rich bedtime stories, calming sounds of nature, and soothing music. Created for kids but safe for all ages, Sleep Tight Relax can make bedtime, quality time by helping busy minds become calm and relaxed. See for privacy information.
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