✨Special✨ Sleepy Stream: Soft Sounds For Sleep 😴
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Tonights soundtrack combines soft music and the sound of trickling water to create a quiet, dreamy world just for you. Picture yourself sitting by a little stream, listening as it whispers and the soft tones of ambient music and synth float around like fluffy clouds. We hope this helps you wind down, relax, feel cosy, and have wonderful dreams.
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In tonight's story, we revisit an old fairytale, a type of story we haven't told in a while. This tale follows a kind-hearted girl named Lily who, despite her brother's unkindness, remains gentle and caring. She receives a magical pot of pink flowers and a silver ring from a mysterious lady. As...
Published 06/10/24
This story is about a young girl named Lily who loves spending time listening to the birds in the forest with her mother. One day, Lily hears a new bird song and becomes fascinated with learning about the different birds in the forest. Lily learns about the birds with her mother's guidance and...
Published 06/07/24