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Libby and Margherita are back. Libby is enjoying school more but still wishes they could do more math. She has made some friends and enjoys spending time with them but Margherita is still the one she tells everything to. It’s Friday and that means pizza night but when mom gets Libby to come down...
Published 04/16/24
Bernice has been invited to a birthday party. She tells Papa Bear about her day and mentions she has been invited to Gertrude’s bday party. Bernice says she can’t decide what to get her for a gift and she and Papa Bear talk about it.
Published 04/11/24
In this story Kacy and Karl are going to visit their Grandmother after a morning busy with sports practice. Grandma Nitty had sent over some clothes for them to wear and their mother would like them to wear them when they visit. There is only one problem, Kacy's clothes are pink and she doesn't...
Published 04/10/24