Attaining The American Dream - Episode #111 w/ Uyi Abraham
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Becoming a tech Millionaire isn’t easy but Uyi Abraham came from Nigeria to America with a dream! After halting his journey to become a medical doctor to start his journey in entrepreneurship more than a decade ago, he has a story to tell.  Uyi knows what it takes to sacrifice, invest, and re-invest back into yourself.  We sit down to talk about his journey from having to split hard-boiled eggs with his family to eat to now being a Millionaire, Angel Investor, and Philanthropist. We also discuss: -The business of SAAS (Software as a Service) -Turning your problems into prosperity. -Longterm Play Vs. Short Term Gain. -The difference between Grit, Grind and Hunger. -Why he founded Vonza ( an all in one solution for Multi-passionate entrepreneurs) and so much more! Get Your 14-Day Trial with Vonza : Check out Donni's 6 Figure EDU:​ Donni on IG​ Join David’s Morning Meetup For Just $1 David on IG Follow Uyi on IG : Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
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