271 - AFTERMAFS: Jesse Burford (Part 1)
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MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT 2023'S JESSE BURFORD TELLS ALL!  Jesse reveals why he REALLY went on MAFS and the advice pals Booka Nile and Beck Zemek gave him before filming! The truth behind that VERY long list of 'icks', the VERY honest 'honesty box' and the VERY rude 'shushing' incident! All the explosive drama from Jesse and his wife Claire Nomarhas' honeymoon including the UNSEEN fight that never made it to air! The DEROGATORY comments Claire made about Jesse and minority groups that would have gotten her CANCELLED if they aired it! The moment Jesse realised he was going to be portrayed as a 'villain' and who was the real villain of the season! All the WILD stuff Claire did BTS that didn’t match the storyline or character that we saw on TV! Was Claire 'protected' by producers and the experts? What really happened during the CHEATING scandal? Who instigated the kiss? Who was Claire really on the phone with? What really went down in the aftermath? Did Claire really make a PACT with Bronte Schofield to stay on the show to redeem her image? How Jesse felt being gaslighted by multiple people for weeks! PLUS LOTS MORE! Listen to the bonus Patreon episode 'The Bachelor's Tash Candyce's Secret Affair With Her Best Friend's Husband!' here! Visit myjuniper.com Want more of the latest gossip? So Dramatic! has a BRAND NEW podcast - 'So Dramatic! DAILY!' Visit the SO DRAMATIC! ONLINE website and sign up for our newsletter! Follow So Dramatic! on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TIK TOK, and join the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP! Get extra hot tea on PATREON! Got a hot tip, request, question, or receipts? Contact: [email protected] Got a media enquiry? Contact: [email protected] For partnerships and advertising enquiries please contact: [email protected] This is an independent podcast by entertainment journalist Megan Pustetto, who is dedicated to bringing you the hottest tea to your ears each week! The best way you can support So Dramatic! is by subscribing, leaving a (gushing!) review, (five star!) rating and super spreading the word on social media with your followers (or haters!) - you will be doing God’s work! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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