Alternatives to Swing Changes
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In this podcast the Practice Thinkers team, Stuart Morgan, Ian Renshaw, and I discuss alternatives to technical swing changes. We discuss: Building the Capacity to Access Shooting Lower Scores More Often Alternatives to Technical Swing Changes Accumulating Good Practice Days Zooming In and Out You can find Stuart on X @ and explore his coaching offer at    Come join us at:   COACHES: Practice Master Class Course A 6 week online course for golf coaches that helps optimise your group and individual practice to performance. Starting Monday the 29th of January for six weeks. 5-7pm each Monday (GMT)    New Book Release Buy our new book The Tiger Practice Guide: Training like a Champion Golfer here:    New Video Course Want to go down a Rabbit Hole into The Tiger’s Practice? Our new video Tiger Masterclass allows you to digest all the practice advice from the book but in even more depth. It’s a Tiger Rabbit Hole of Practice, jam-packed with expanded content from the book + bonus archive footage of Tiger’s practice. One that will leave you in no doubt of how Tiger got so good and more importantly how you can apply these practice nuggets to your game. 
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In this podcast we flip the script as Pete is interviewed by Liam Grehan on how we apply practice science at Practice Thinkers. We discuss Reflections on Liam's Lessons, including: Behaviours in Context  Feedback and Calibration  Zooming the Lens in and Out  ...and a brief chat about Tiger's...
Published 02/11/24
Published 02/11/24
In this podcast the Practice Thinkers team, Stuart Morgan, Ian Renshaw, and I review a previous podcast with Simon Dyson on his practice history. We discuss: Training Aids and Building Awareness through Feedback Tuning in and Exploring Variation  Proactive vs Reactive Solutions Exploring the...
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