Bonus Episode: Perlan Project
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Miguel Iturmendi, one of the pilots from the Perlan project as he answers your questions and shares his adventures flying super high altitudes and what it’s like soaring in the only pressurized glider in the world. Is it possible to fly the Perlan Ship on Mars? You may be surprised when you hear the answer. Miguel is also a test pilot and will also tell us about a very famous solar motor glider he has been flying most recently.
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On this episode our friend Tom Coussens catches up with Zach Yamauchi who just had a 1039 Kilometer Flight in mountain wave in the Sierraas. Zach takes us along on this flight so we can see and feel what it's like to experience this amazing flight and what it takes to fly in wave. Stay tuned...
Published 01/17/22
On this episode we bring you several short soaring stories from glider pilots all over the globe & celebrate another exciting year here on the podcast. From Crash landing in the Frence Alps to bailing out after a mid air collision. These are just some of the stories you will hear now on this...
Published 01/04/22