Episode 267: Backlash 2006
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On this episode of Something To Wrestle, Bruce and Conrad revisit Backlash 2006, which took place on April 30, 2006 from the Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY. In it, we'd see a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship between John Cena, Edge, and Triple H. Plus, RVD vs. Shelton Benjamin for the IC Title And MITB contract, Big Show vs. Kane - and the reason why we're really here...Vince & Shane McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels and...GOD! Do you own or rent your home? Sure you do! And I bet it can be hard work. You know what’s easy? Bundling policies with GEICO. GEICO makes it EASY to bundle your homeowners or renters insurance, along with your auto policy. Visit GEICO.com today. The online application is so easy – you can apply right from your phone! The ONLY way to get this discount is to go to LIGHTSTREAM.com/WRESTLE Subject to credit approval. Rate includes 0.50% AutoPay discount.  Solid Gold foods are different because they cleanse the digestive system supporting gut health and nourishing your pet, inside & out. And right now, Solid Gold is offering you 30% off your first order by visiting solidgoldpet.com/WRESTLE If your ready to take ACTION and prevent hair loss, go to KEEPS.com/WRESTLE to recieve your first month of treatment for FREE! Bluechew gives you confidence in bed every time. Visit BlueChew.com and get your first order free when use promo code WRESTLE. Just pay $5 shipping! If you have credit card debt or in a 30 year loan? Well, www.savewithconrad.com can help you get out of that pinch and save money at the same time! Head over to SaveWithConrad.com for a quick quote.  Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard begins a new chapter in the Patreon world. Bruce joins Conrad's four other host at www.ADFREESHOWS.com, the largest collection of wrestling legends on one channel. ADFREESHOWS.com will have every podcast ad free and early, plus bonus content you won't get anywhere else. Join today www.ADFREESHOWS.com Want more Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard? Well, head on over to our YouTube channel for clips, full episodes and much more! www.SomethingToWrestleWithOnYouTube.com Don't put a "T" in his name, put a tee on your back over at www.BrucePrichard.com! Check out our growing catalog of shirts and of course our extremely popular "DOOT DOOT DOOT" fanny packs. If you want to promote your business on Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard it's easy! Fill out a quick form telling us about your business and what you'd like to do over at www.AdvertiseWithConrad.com
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