Dwelling on a Soulmate or Twin Flame Will Not Help!
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Today we are talking about what happens when we dwell on a soulmate or twin flame relationship, or a soulmate or twin flame. Dwelling actually keeps us stuck and the more we focus on what is not happening or working out can actually become frustrating. This can cause use to perhaps behave in certain ways that could damage the relationship because we are approaching it from a place of fear, as opposed to love. If you want to meet your soulmate or twin flame, dwelling on that constantly can create delays in meeting them because you are focused on what you don't have. If we dwell too much, it can at times lead to obsession, and this is where we can make choices determent to our self esteem. This is where we can make mistakes in soulmate relationships by acting out. When we turn that inward to dwell on ourselves instead, it is a more productive use of our time.  www.soulmatereading.com www.soulmatepsychicreadings.com  www.twinflameconnection.com Instagram: soulmatestwinflames
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