Movin' on Up
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It's everyone's favorite time of year, the start of promotion season. Shane Drohan, Chase Meidroth, Nathan Hickey and more are moving up a level, so we had plenty to say. Plus, we somehow haven't mentioned the May rankings update yet, so Chris and Ian discussed in the context of players who Ian had seen recently with the Sea Dogs and WooSox. And as always, we discussed the goings on at Fenway and answered your emails! Got something to say? We love talking about what you want to hear about. Make sure to email us at [email protected]. Social Media Links: IG: @SoxProspects @SPChrisHatfield @IanCundall @SoxProspects Love the show? Want to help us out while also getting exclusive goodies? Support the podcast by contributing to us on Patreon!  
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Our celebration continues for one more episode, as the full SoxProspects Brass of Mike, Chris, Ian and James gathers to talk about 20 years of SoxProspects. Plus, Mike and Chris got on the line with former Director of Scouting Chris Mellen! Got something to say? We love talking about what you...
Published 09/28/23
Yep, that's right, this past week, celebrated its 20th anniversary! In Part 1 of our special podcast, Chris is joined by site founder and Editor-in-Chief Mike Andrews. The two discussed the origins of the site, the Forum, the News Page, the podcast, and more great stories from...
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