Nue Hole
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New friendships are forged this week in episodes 18 and 19 of Jujutsu Kaisen, and in the spirit, Sara and Kay are joined by special guest snack Derek! He helps to unravel the mysteries of anime, such as: Is it cool to do drugs? What if the drugs was your magic powers? Can two boys be friends, in a plantonic way? Nothing sexual. Also, what if a jellyfish had just a massive set of honkers? Again, nothing sexual. Intro and Outro Music: Lost in the Bugsnax by Noa Geist (, Cover Art:
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The haters said it couldn't be done, but Sara and Kay have completed season 1 of Jujutsu Kaisen! Some may say the show was "good", the children were "epic" and Getou Suguru "never did anything". Feel free to form your own opinions on these matters, or just go ahead and listen and you can borrow...
Published 03/28/21
Brand new arc, brand new villains, same great children! Sara and Kay get into the Origin of Blind Obedience, named such because you must blindly obey Gege Akutami when he says to look at Fushiguro's origin story, and love him so much. Sukuna does too so it must be good! Intro and Outro Music:...
Published 03/21/21
The friendship train rolls right into the baseball diamond this week with Jujutsu Kaisen episodes 20 and 21, so Sara and Kay are joined by Eddy, both a friend, and a baseball! Together, they critque the strategic merits of choosing not to teleport when you really could, not letting your magic dog...
Published 03/07/21