SOTB3: Young, Unintelligible Children with Kari Vandongen
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Speech therapists Carrie Clark and Keri Vandongen brainstorm therapy ideas for children who are young and highly unintelligible.  These children are too young for traditional drill and practice so alternatives are needed! Links from Today's Episode: EZ speech with David Hammer Ask a Question: Join the Membership Site:  Join the Membership The post SOTB3: Young, Unintelligible Children with Kari Vandongen appeared first on Speech And Language Kids.
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In this episode of the Speech and Language Kids Podcast, speech-language pathologist Carrie Clark discusses how to help children remember past events and tell you about them later. Click Here to Subscribe to My Mailing List Notes: 1. Remembering a Single Picture Show them a picture and then...
Published 12/28/16
Today I am joined by speech-language pathologist Maureen Wilson from who helps me brainstorm ideas for a 5-year-old with autism who won't participate in anything unless he controls the whole thing. Links and Notes: The Speech Bubble SLP:
Published 03/09/16